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Web Design & Hosting Retired

You dont have a web site you say? Thats easy, Just Call Doug 612-305-8846. He has Reasonable  Web Hosting too. He takes trade in's on your old web site. If your site has flash it is outdated.

Beware of who you host with.
Read this Lunar Pages review

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Computer Training & Coaching Retired

If you are looking for help on your PC computer, you came to the right place. We can train you on your PC, install or upgrade your software, install your new hardware, set up your home network, set you up to do Auctions on Ebay, Web site development, Web page design, Web Hosting and do minor trouble shooting on software or hardware. Our Service area is the Minneapolis - St. Paul , MN Area and the rates are $40 per hour with a minimum charge of two hours per visit.

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Boat Ladder Store Retired offers you quality boat ladders at a reasonable price and NO TAX (outside of MN).
The variety of boat ladders,we have online is incredible  to save you time and money. You are sure to find the right boat ladder,  to fit your budget or your boat.

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Salty Doug's Shakers and More Retired

Salty Doug is going to be expanded some time this winter to include Select Antiques, Lithographs and more Shakers. Salty Doug is your on line source for collectible Salt and Pepper Shakers plus more. We have many salt and pepper shakers like ; figureials, ceramic, glass, wood, plastic, souvenir, range top, cheese shakers and pomander. You will find other collectibles there too.

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Winning Ideas For Your Busines Growth

Time, effort and creative ability will help you get the word out on your business without spending a large amount of money. And, you will need to use each of these wisely.

The best and most reasonable way is good placement on a search engine for generic searches. You can achieve that with a web site designed by the Coach at Web Sites Buddy. 

Also, never underestimate the power of referrals. A satisfied customer is your best advertisement. Call or write to your customers and ask them to refer a friend. Or you can ask your long-time customers to give you the names of three or four of their friends who might be interested in your services and write a note to those people introducing yourself.

There are companies offering cash bonuses or discounts to people who refer customers. I don't like these types of arrangements. I used to go to a gym that gives its members a $50 rebate for each referral. But when I asked the management how the sales were going I was told the system didn't work well. I think they might get more people if the $50 discount was offered to the person signing up. Plus, I am uncomfortable with the idea of encouraging my friends to join me in something while I get a financial gain from it. So try to avoid offering to pay your customers for referrals.

Consider cooperative advertising. Sometimes newspapers and radio stations offer this option. Or, try pulling it together yourself. Invite several small businesses that complement your business to join you in an advertising campaign. You could invite a sporting goods store, a chiropractor, a massage therapist and even a small health food store to join you for a fall and winter health campaign. Once you pull the other businesses in make sure to hire a professional advertising person to help you make the most of the campaign.

Don't shy away from asking other successful business owners what they have done to grow their business. Perhaps you might want to give those things a try. Growing a business is all about testing, testing, and re-testing to see what works. Never underestimate the power of even the simplest idea. The very thing that you might consider to be ridiculous could be the thing that has the biggest impact for growth.

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